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Chara Harris joined our board in 2021. She currently serves as an Administrator for Charity Cares Early Academy. She has worked in the field of Early Childhood Education for 15 years.  Chara strongly believes in the power of education, care and mentorship of young children and youth. She has been blessed with many opportunities to work with a variety of youth programs and children’s ministries.


 A few highlights from her career have been working as a speciality educator, teaching early literacy, Spanish and mathematics, as well as a music education instructor. Over the years she has been afforded the opportunity to work for corporate, government funded, and nonprofit organizations, plus Registered Ministries in their Early Childhood Education programs. For two years, she served as the head of the youth department for LightHouse Community Church (Bloomington, IN) facilitating their Sunday School, Bible study classes, outings and fundraisers. 


One of the most impactful experiences she had was traveling to Caracol, Haiti serving in missions. It changed the way she viewed the world and her purpose in life. She attended community meetings held on the church grounds in the village, attended to children in the school house, as well as leading praise and worship with the youth during services.


Her educational background consists of a Bachelors in Early Childhood Administration with a concentration in Child Development and Family studies, and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Educational Psychology. 


These highlighted experiences from her life developed and grounded her passion for working with children and families in her community. Children are truly the key to a better tomorrow, and investing in their development early is the best gift we can give them. 

Contact Information:

FB/ Chara Harris

Ph. (317) 200- 2741


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