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Volunteers at Food Bank

BeBeautiful, Inc. - a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based out of Indianapolis, IN. It was developed and founded in 2019 by Jessica Vang. She had a desire and passion to empower young girls all over the world by showing them what it meant to be beautiful inside and out. This meant developing an effective program specifically for young women and a team of women who shared the same desire to see every one succeed. 

We believe that taking teens between the ages of 13-19 years old outside of the classroom can be transformative for them. Whether its a trip to a new place, or working on something important to them in their community, they don't feel like they are doing it because they "have to" or simply for college admissions, but because they actually care about it. BeBeautiful focuses on the things that most teens are not aware of, such as talents and hidden passions. We show and teach them how to use those gifts to positively impact the community. We believe that education goes beyond the classroom because education can also be about expanding their sense of existence into the real world and actively including more purpose-seeking opportunities. 


Be inspired! Be creative!

"Vision will clarify your purpose, choose your friends, and dictate your decisions."- BeBeautiful, Inc. 

Mission Statement 

Dedicated to guiding girls find purpose and support for their everyday life resulting in being empowered to maximize their potential. 

Finding Your Purpose

We have developed an effective program that involves different workshops and opportunities that will promote growth personally and professionally. 

*Self-exploration: this involves self-discovery workshops resulting in having the confidence necessary to succeed personally and professionally. 

*Guide and provide opportunities that will help identify goals, gifts & talents.

*Expose and engage in volunteer and community opportunities that will help develop and shape their leadership, social,  and many other skills.

*Putting focus on education such as college visits, internships, and businesses. 

*Importance of mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Young Women with Backpacks
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