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In Honor of Catherine Adams(1982-2020)

Co-Founder of BeBeautiful, Inc.

Catherine Adams is the Co-Founder of BeBeautiful Inc.

Her desire was to offer hope, encouragement, acceptance and guidance for whom she served both professionally and personally.


Catherine was born and raised in a Christian home, and pursued Christianity as a child.

However, behind closed doors, she endured covert incestual abuse from close relatives, as well as emotional and physical abuse.


All of that unfortunately led to PTSD, Mental Health challenges, as well as disordered eating.  


“But God!” …


Christ met Catherine in the midst of her brokenness.


Through a divine intervention, she overcame a suicide attempt when she was 31 years old.


That second chance was a wake-up call for her which led her to move out of state to start a new life in Texas.


Catherine called Texas her home for several years then.

She immediately got connected with a Christian Recovery group at a local church to find clarity, healing and accountability.


Once she completed the program, she gave back by serving with the ministry to assist others who were in the midst of their own journey.

Her heart's desire was to show others by example how to find the victory she found because she fully believed that, “We endure trials not just for our benefit, but for the benefit of others.”

Catherine abides by this motto the Lord put on her heart many years ago:


"Aspire to be inspired, to be inspiring."


Catherine’s prayer is that anyone who comes through BeBeautiful will find a missing piece their heart was looking for.

"We will always miss you, Catherine! We love and appreciate you!" - BeBeautiful, Inc.

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