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Sherese Coleman joined our board in 2021.  She has a passion for helping others, especially, the youth.  She loves to encourage those who feel there is no hope, in which leads them to Christ.  Born and raised here in Indianapolis, Indiana and coming from a family of eighteen, she has become selfless and compassionate for loving others for who they are.


Growing up in a Christian home, she knew of Christ but didn’t develop a pursuit for Him until the age of 16.  Along this journey of becoming to know who she was in Christ and finding her purpose, she overcame many challenges, such as bullying, insecurity, depression, and mental abuse.  She realized that every obstacle she faced from her childhood until now was all a part of God’s plan.


She is married to Cameron Coleman and out of this union they have four beautiful daughters.  They have both served and helped restructure many ministries here in Indianapolis.  She has served in the Youth Department at every church attended.  She is currently serving alongside her husband, Cameron Coleman, who is the Lead Pastor of The Life House Indy.



Sherese Coleman


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