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Staying Encouraged

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

The other day while I was working from home, the song “Waymaker” resonated in my spirit. I had the song quietly playing in my ears throughout the day. I could sense I was a little off and knew a praise and worship session was in order for me when it was time to clock out. This usually helps me regain focus and lifts the heaviness of whatever I am sensing.

After clocking out, I replayed the song once again and just fell into worship. It reminded me how just God is. God doesn’t change and hasn’t changed. We are the ones that change. He’s still able. As the song says, “That’s just who You are..” and indeed, that is who He is.

During this season, it's easy to get discouraged with the pandemic issues we are currently experiencing; unsure of what is to come next. Will be able to keep working? How will we pay for the bills next month? Will we be affected? I believe God is doing something and we as believers should continue to be encouraged and stay the course. May we continue to have faith. If in the past, you didn't set some time to the side for prayer, may this time be it. What a time it would be to pray, worship, unite, and love one another.

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